For the discerning restaurateur

Setting up your dream place is a real challenge. With us, it becomes a profitable challenge.

Sounds incredible. Solutions for everyone that, thanks to their modular design and wide range of colors and materials, leave plenty of room for creativity and make it possible to satisfy any desire for style and personality and furnish any type of space, large or small. The positive feedback from customers who rely on us will not fail to materialize, and the versatility of our components will allow us to serve ever new customers.

Not enough …

Our modular units offer customers the versatility of custom-made furniture at the price of standard products! If you follow us to the end, you will discover how simple the attention to detail is, the special characterization that makes each space unique and gives it a surprising touch. With the modular structures of our furnishings, there are no limits to your imagination!

Tische und Stühle

New collection 2024: Tables & chairs

Wherever you would like to open your own ice cream parlour, whether as a cosy café or a trendy meeting place, whether with your own ice cream production or profitable sales and purchases: we give your personal ideas a concrete form, check the realization and give decisive tips for the successful implementation of your plans. With his experience and technical expertise, he will be at your side from the very beginning of your business venture.

Contemporary, modern and still Italian at home

Give your pizzeria a contemporary touch – modern, yet a little piece of Italian home that everyone can afford. Our furnishing concepts combine stylish design with affordable elegance. Every visit to your pizzeria should not only be a culinary journey to Italy, but also a visual one. From trendy furniture to authentic details, we create an atmosphere that immerses guests in a cozy ambience – a place where they feel welcome while enjoying the modern flair of the Italian way of life. Discover how we can turn your pizzeria into a place that not only offers delicious food, but also a distinctive experience.

Remidag coffee grinder

Compact electronic coffee grinder with flat grinder Ø 64 mm. The aluminum and steel body and the powerful motor make it a reliable and indestructible work companion.

Kaffeemühle Remidag

Espresso machines from Biepi

Minimalist and full of character. The professional MC-E espresso machine in polished stainless steel is reliable and easy to use. Available with one or more brewing groups in several colors and looks. Optional display with multiple functions.

Biepi Espressomaschine

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